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An Eco-friendly Home Style Tropical Vacation

December 3, 2008

Join us at our home in Playas, Ecuador. We are a Canadian/Ecuadorian couple, an artisst and a writer. Located on the Pacific Ocean, Playas is a local vacation spot and fishing village. Its white sand crescent shaped beach stretches 14km down the coast; a natural seaside landscape where bathers enjoy pleasant surf and fishermen set off in their colourful wooden canoes or traditional balsa rafts.

Stay in one of our three mini-suites, each with its own independent washroom. All rooms have WIFI access, refrigerators and coffee maker. Choose from the large Housekeeping Suite (with cooking facilities), the Patio room with outdoor kitchen or the Honeymoon/Single suite with its semi private patio. All guests are welcome to share in our common patio. We live in a characteristic Ecuadorian home with most furniture made from renewable Ecuadorian wood resources.

We offer an eco-friendly environment where you will have the opportunity to learn and experience the local environment and culture. Pick a pomegranate off the tree in our patio; enjoy fresh juice made from the badea, a tropical fruit growing on the vine against our fence; watch the iguanas suntan on the roof; or if you are fast you might catch a glimpse of the lime green hummingbird hovering at the pomegranate blossoms.  Immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture, practise your Spanish with the shy, smiling children.

We live within walking distance of:

*white sandy beaches for swimming

*inexpensive seafood restaurants and barbeques

*markets & shops full of fresh tropical fruits, vegetables  and seafood

*bakeries and coffee shops

*local artisans selling handcrafted items from natural materials

A short distance away from:

*long beaches for surfing

*dolphin watching

*bird watching/sanctuary

*mangrove exploration

*horseback riding


And within driving distance or daytime bus rides from:

* mineral mud baths

*archaeological discoveries of unusual interest

*urban cultural events

*a modern spa

We can accommodate individuals, couples (all varieties welcome), and small families, for short or extended stays.  Two of our three units are designed for simple housekeeping (sink, fridge and hot plate).

Playas is only 95km from Guayaquil’s modern airport where, if you wish to explore Ecuador, you can catch a plane to the Galapagos, the High Sierras, the Amazon rainforest or other Latin American locations.  Bus travel is also available.

Our rates are reasonable by local standards and incredibly economical by North American or European standards whether you are staying the weekend, a week or an extended stay.

Call or email us for more details, to enquire about rates and to arrange your stay with us. If you have Skype, we can chat face to face.

Note: we maintain a totally SMOKE-FREE environment.

Hasta pronto!

Roger Hollander and Carmen Váscones


Telephone: 593-4-2761444 (home) or 593-97806530 (cell)

Skype: Roger.hollander1

Please click on the pages in the right hand column for more information about Playas and the surrounding area, a map locating us in Ecuador, and photos of our home, our suites and the Playas area.